Sonders Academy & Advisoring

Sonders and Beach Italy has decades-long experience in helping the travel industry to achieve goals in terms of better performance and economic results.

Sonders Academy & Advisoring

Its deep knowledge of the hotel industry ‘from the inside’; the everlasting work through its tour operator ‘Quiiky Travel’; the media advocacy through its brand ‘QMagazine’ empower and acknowledge S&B as the first Italian company featuring a fully-comprehensive offer and concrete ‘hands-on’ attitude in the LGBTQ+ travel market. S&B aim is to embed it into the everyday business management and performance.
S&B has been working both with the Public Administrations and the private sector in order to lead the growth of the travel LGBTQ+ market in Italy. This happens by Sonders Academy and Sonders Advisoring.

Sonders and Beach is ready to listen and to offer its expertise for a winning renovation.


LGBTQ+ market consulting

We can develop customized marketing plan using our property LGBT data research (powered by Gfk Eurisko and Lanfranchi Editore Milano) and creating a digital media campaigns strategy. We support companies also for Art Works and Training Section on Diversity Management.

Diversity Management

How to work better for a better hospitality, by starting from your business inside. How to create a cohesive and liable working group, by tackling prejudice and harassment, as the starting point, to improve the welcoming process towards guests.

Marketing & Sales plan

From online to offline strategy settings, to create a taylor-made and customized business plan. Follow-up and business care, in order to pursue the goal by implementing your incomes.

LGBTQ+ social media marketing

We can create social media marketing campaign and reach LGBTQ+ consumers through Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

LGBTQ+ ADS audience network

We can provide the greatest LGBTQ+ audience reach through our mobile apps, websites, mailing list or social media network.


Social Contest Online & Offline, Workshop & Roadshow, Sponsorship of main LGBTQ+ events.

Photo shooting & video factory

We can support our customers for photo or video shooting including in target storyboard creation.

Event design

B2B or B2C event design and organization in huge locations.

Highly customizable

Our services can be customized for any kind of needs.

Content & Event creation

With the help of specialized partners we can provide all kind of content creation: copy, video, photos, web.

Marketing, Communication, Sales and Customer care are the subjects we train on.


We help CEO, COO, sales and marketing managers, HR managers to grow their skills, to align their strategies to the LGBTQ+ community segment. Marketing, Communication, Sales and Customer care are the subjects we train on. At the end of the training session, the company will become member of the AITGL Association (Italian Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) for one year and get the AITGL Decalogue, under commitment to respect its contents.

Hotel staff training

Customized trainings per department, to meet target ‘s expectations.

Staff training on LGBTQ+ market

Customized trainings on LGBTQ+ Tourism & Marketing and Diversity Management.

Case history

Municipality of Florence

LGBTQ+ Tourism Training for local travel companies in collaboration with Florence CVB and the Municipality of Florence.

Municipality of Milan

Creation of a Destination Management project about LGBTQ+ Tourism: trainings, product management, off-line and digital ads campaigns, press trip, website creation.

Milan Tourism Exhibition

Organizing of the LGBTQ+ Tourism B2B and B2C pavilion and conferences for BIT Milan.


Staff Training for Housekeeping and F&B campaigns, press trip, website creation.

Accor Hotels Italy

Event organization for press and consumer about LGBTQ+ Tourism.

EBTL Tuscany

Trainings on LGBTQ+ Tourism for hotels of Tuscany Region.

Duca D’Este Hotel****

Staff Trainings for housekeeping and F&B department.

Kurhaus Cademario****S

Staff trainings about Marketing and Communication.

Victoria Terme Hotel****

Staff Training for housekeeping and F&B department.


Trainings about LGBTQ+ Tourism and Honeymoon in Milan, Bari and Maratea.

Province of Pavia

Trainings about LGBTQ+ Tourism for hotels and travel agencies in collaboration with Arcigay Pavia.

Province of Rome

Trainings about LGBTQ+ Tourism for hotels and travel agencies.

Alitalia Airlines

Training & Consultancy about LGBTQ+ Tourism and Sponsorship management.

McArthurglen Serravalle Outlet

Consultancy about LGBTQ+ Tourism and Sponsorship management.


The most important highlights based on our data research powered by Gfk Eurisko and Lanfranchi Editore Milano.



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